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ESPN Host: Harbaugh To The Colts?

Dear GOD it is silly season at ESPN Radio.

Apparently today, Dan Le Batard’s lackey “Stugotz” predicted the Indianapolis Colts would fired Chuck Pagano and hire Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.  This opinion is reckless and laughable.  Jim Harbaugh is not leaving Michigan. He didn’t want an NFL job when he took the Michigan position and he certainly isn’t going to leave his alma mater after one year to work for a nut like Jim Irsay.

The prediction comes as nothing more than click bait and attention getting by Le Batard’s sidekick by the name of “Stugotz.” It is based on nothing other than trying to report speculation.  It is an embarrassment.  ESPN should be ashamed of themselves for not disclaiming this show as a folly.  This report is based on nothing but an ESPN hack’s brain. I’m only posting this to discredit it, you should discredit it by not listening to the show in the future. Le Batard is a great radio host, but this type of nonsense should never happen. I mean, who can’t come on the air under the guise of “entertainment” and say stupid stuff if there are no consequences?  This hurts ESPN and Le Batard’s credibility is the worst way imaginable. For ESPN to condone this type of behavior with no actual fact is embarrassing to the network, even a novice knows that Harbaugh didn’t want to be in the NFL or he would have waited for offers after the Niners cut him loose, he wants to be at Michigan and every thing he has said and done proved he is there for the long haul. Shame on ESPN, what an out and out joke.  


Is 105.1 Flipping To Sports Monday?

There is compelling evidence that 105.1 will flip from soft rock to sports on Monday. is reporting that sources have revealed the switch could come as soon as Monday.  If you know the radio business, you know is well respected and wouldn’t write an article without sources.  It is a very reliable source.  Here is the article.

Additionally, the same two sources who told me Greater Media asked Drew to stop his Drewcast to concentrate on his new sports show also told me the flip was imminent, they just didn’t think it would happen this soon.

The Drewcast is done, but the show apparently will continue Monday.  Check out this tweet from Drew’s Producer Marc Fellhauer.


Obviously he is referring to a show launch on 105.1, isn’t he?

Sadly, Michiguide also reports that The Drew Lane show will be the only live, local hour on the new ESPN 105.1.  It’s disappointing, but completely understandable as Greater Media MUST ensure costs are in line as they grow this new, exciting product in Detroit.  I’m still holding out hope that there will be a live show from Noon-3p, but it appears they may try to jam in in only one local hour from 2p-3p.

In the current environment and with the investment in Drew and his team, they won’t have enough money to hire a local show unless someone is willing to do it pretty cheap.

The lineup appears to be:

6a-10a:  Mike and Mike

10a-2p: Colin Cowherd

2p-3p: Something local

3p-7p: Drew Lane

7p-Mid: ESPN National programming

Night’s could change as they could hire some part-time talent, but it won’t be anything of note.  Greater Media is going to build this radio station over time, as revenue increases and THAT is the smartest thing to do in this economic climate.


(Video) Doug Gottlieb’s TV Joke Is A Non-Issue!

DOUDI sorry, I don’t get it, CBS’s Doug Gottlieb makes a joke that isn’t knee slapping hilarious and now he should be fired?  You can’t be serious Mark May!

Gottlieb made his CBS NCAA Tournament debut Thursday night and said “I’m just here to bring diversity to the set, give kinda the white man’s perspective.”  Uh, so.  I don’t see the issue here, he made a joke, that was actually FUNNY to most white guys.  I laughed and every white dude I know laughed.  What is the point?  How did he offend anybody?  If simply using the term “white man’s perspective” is racially offensive, then off with his head.  Yes, this is where we are in 2013, everybody is a pro when it comes to outrage.  Apparently, it means little that the guy sitting a couple of seats down is one of the most offensive and funny human beings on earth, Charles Barkley.

The fact that Mark May from ESPN express his outrage and called for Gottlieb to be fired immediately is an embarrassment to May, what a thin-skinned, spineless wimp.  May was so afraid that the precious under 12 year old crowd would here it that he tweeted this little nugget “Nice job Gottlieb, I hope all the kids 12 and under didn’t hear it.”  Well, guess what Mark, both of mine saw it and didn’t even notice he said anything offensive.  A joke like that would go over any 12 year old’s head.  Spare us the phony “it’s about the kids” routine.  I’m guessing this has more to do with professional jealousy than the actual comment.

We’ve come to the point where there is simply too much sanctimony and outrage in our media and social media.  Everybody’s looking for that “gotcha” moment and it has gone too far.

The subject of race is touchy, but it isn’t taboo?  Most of America laughed at Gottlieb’s joke, even in mixed company, it wasn’t meant to be sinister, it was meant to be funny and ironic.  Instead of lauding the facts that we are at the point where there are four black men hosting a pre-game show (there was a point in my life when that would NEVER have happened) we get caught up in a white guy pointing out the irony!

So please, if you are “outraged” over Gottlieb’s joke, chill out and allow yourself a little laugh instead of pound out venom on your social media account.  It was a joke!

See the video below!