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Why Dave Dombrowski Was Fired.

I had a good talk with a “baseball executive” today and the Dave Dombrowski subject came up.

We are all well aware of the hasty firing of Dombrowski and I was able to drag a little info out of the guy today.

He told me the talk of baseball was why DD was fired so quickly as GM of the Tigers. ¬†He reported to me that “DD was fired because of “shenanigans” regarding the David Price trade to Toronto.

The source told me that Dombrowski made some comment about “becoming the new GM of the Blue Jays” during the trade discussions.

We all know owners are ego maniacs and apparently Ilitch wasn’t thrilled about DD discussing a future gig while in the middle of trade negotiations and while under contract with the Tigers.

This clearly explains why DD was fired so unexpectedly and was treated so poorly on the way out after so much success in Detroit.

I’ll dig deeper for more details, but it appears DD was fired for being “unprofessional.”


PODCAST: Bald V. Evil Episode # 5 7-30-15


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