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LISTEN: Does Mike Babcock Want To Coach Pittsburgh?

I’m not sure what this means, but Mark Madden on 105.9 The X in Pittsburgh talked with Rob Rossi from The Trib and they had an interesting discussion about Mike Babcock.  Start listening at the 2 minute mark to hear the Babcock stuff.

The Red Wing Coach may want to coach Sidney Crosby, but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to leave Detroit to do it next year, obviously they have history having won 2 gold medals in the Olympics.

The rumors that Babcock doesn’t want to “rebuild” the Wings aren’t going away, but he may also be encouraged that the youngsters have progressed and it appears Detroit will be a contender in short order.  The chatter in Pittsburgh is loud, but it likely won’t amount to anything until after the 2015 season is complete.