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PODCAST: Gregg & Michelle Episode #5

Welcome to Episode #5 of the Gregg & Michelle podcast.

In this episode, we discuss Steve Yzerman’s return to the Red Wings and what it means to Detroit and the future of the Red Wings.

Tigers Woods return to glory….save me the tears garbage.

Michelle got hit with a big tax Bill.  DUMMY!

Gregg was disappointed in the first episode of Game Of Thrones.

Enjoy!  Have a great Easter weekend.

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I’m no longer with Iheart Media, what is next?

Last week I was let go from Iheart Media.  I’ve been with them in Pittsburgh for the last five years and it was surprising and out of the blue.  It’s a cold hard reality of radio in 2017, the business is in bad shape and all radio professionals are hoping it corrects itself soon as there are a lot of radio guys out of work waiting for something to change.

Advertisers are fleeing traditional media in droves for the internet and other “new” media, it’s totally understandable and predictable and my job loss isn’t an exception.

Even though I love Pittsburgh and will be moving on soon, I’ll miss this place and my show in Grand Rapids and Detroit….I loved working with Jim Costa and Drew, we were winning in a HUGE way in Grand Rapids and were showing small progress in Detroit on WDFN.  The loss of the show hurts the most as I was able to re-engage with sports fans in Michigan.

I’m feeling really good about the future as my incredible radio network has reached out to me in a big way, I don’t think I will be looking for work for too long.  There are multiple opportunities in this business and I am mobile enough to grab the one that is best for me and my family.  I don’t think anything is imminent in Detroit or Michigan, but who knows, something could shake out.

For now, I’m going to keep talking to my contacts and figure out the next best opportunity, there are multiple places we could land and we are all excited about the possibilities.

The kids aren’t thrilled about leaving Pittsburgh but are more than interested in what comes next, I think that will serve them well in their lives….

On a personal note, I can’t thank you enough for the kind words you have sent to me since my job loss, you are easily the best fan base in American and I love you for it.

I’ll be posting here frequently!