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PODCAST: Gregg, Big Drew & Jim: 12-19-16


Do you have an issue with Fournette and McCaffery skipping out of their bowl games-0:46:18

Reaction to the latest on the Joe Mixon story-1:27:57

Are the Lions still on easy street or is it now the Highway to Hell-1:44-21

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PODCAST: Gregg, Big Drew & Jim 12-1-16


How much credit does Bob Quinn deserve for Lions 7-4 start-0:48:48

Did the MLB get it right with it’s changes to the All Star Game? 1:10:00

Can Michigan get into the College Football Playoff even IF nobody ahead of them loses?-1:27:00

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PODCAST: Gregg, Big Drew & Jim: 11-16-16


What is to blame for MSU basketball being 0-2?-0:54:16

Several NBA teams are no longer going to stay at Donald Trump hotels any longer! 1:09:00

Reaction to Western Michigan and Michigan both standing pat in the latest College Football Playoff rankings!-1:50:23

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