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Mailbag and Other Detroit Sports Questions From The Weekend

The first item today is from twitter, strange, yet fascinating question.

I’m not sure why anybody would care about Bobby Higginson, but the nearest I can tell is he is rumored to own his own Limousine company.  This is completely unsubstantiated but it’s all I got.  Higgy is likely hiding out hiding from his bitter baseball career, the poor guy spent his whole career on losing teams, it’s no wonder he just wants to disappear.  He was a fan favorite in Detroit and parlayed that into a nice career when there was NOBODY else on the roster that Tiger fans gave a damn about...

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Jim Caldwell Is Back, Why Not?

The Lions have made it official, Jim Caldwell will be back with the Lions for the 2017 season and my thought is a resounding….sure, why not!

You can make a case for and against Jim Caldwell, I would personally like the Lions to be a forward thinking organization and set a course and sail, but we all know that isn’t going to happen.  The Lions are a franchise that lets the world “happen to it,” rather than a team that “takes control of its own destiny.”  It’s the way they think, it is institutional.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (even though the Lion brass thinks they are the smartest guys in the room) to see that Jim Caldwell is not a game changer, he’s not an innovator and he certainly isn’t the best game day coach in the NFL.  What Caldwell is, is an easy pick...

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VIDEO: New Detroit Lion “Pure Michigan” Spoof

Yeah, this one is a home run.


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