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Jim Caldwell Is Back, Why Not?

The Lions have made it official, Jim Caldwell will be back with the Lions for the 2017 season and my thought is a resounding….sure, why not!

You can make a case for and against Jim Caldwell, I would personally like the Lions to be a forward thinking organization and set a course and sail, but we all know that isn’t going to happen.  The Lions are a franchise that lets the world “happen to it,” rather than a team that “takes control of its own destiny.”  It’s the way they think, it is institutional.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (even though the Lion brass thinks they are the smartest guys in the room) to see that Jim Caldwell is not a game changer, he’s not an innovator and he certainly isn’t the best game day coach in the NFL.  What Caldwell is, is an easy pick...

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VIDEO: New Detroit Lion “Pure Michigan” Spoof

Yeah, this one is a home run.


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Lions Loss To Tennessee Is Inexcusable


The Detroit Lions aren’t nearly a good enough team to overcome 17 penalties, including three that nullified touchdowns and 7 dropped passed.  This is a dumb group of football players and they invented new ways to lose a football game today at Ford Field.

“Seventeen penalties is ridiculous,” Caldwell said. “All I know is, we need to stop with the infractions. Plain and simple. That’s my job. I’ll get those guys straightened out in that area.”  Um, anytime now Coach!

Caldwell also brushed off questions about the penalties being a “lack of discipline” but he is wrong and simply deflecting from his poor job of preparing this team to play today, any first year high school coach will tell you penalties are by and large due to a lack of focus and discipline...

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