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Mailbag and Other Detroit Sports Questions From The Weekend

The first item today is from twitter, strange, yet fascinating question.

I’m not sure why anybody would care about Bobby Higginson, but the nearest I can tell is he is rumored to own his own Limousine company.  This is completely unsubstantiated but it’s all I got.  Higgy is likely hiding out hiding from his bitter baseball career, the poor guy spent his whole career on losing teams, it’s no wonder he just wants to disappear.  He was a fan favorite in Detroit and parlayed that into a nice career when there was NOBODY else on the roster that Tiger fans gave a damn about.  Sadly, following his retirement the Tigers became contenders.

Hey, 3G, do you care to elaborate on “leadership issues” surrounding Michigan QB Brandon Peters? – Jeff in Pinkney.  

Jeff, I don’t have a ton of updated information, but I can reiterate what I’ve been told since fall camp started.  Peters lack presence in the huddle and isn’t the vocal leader that Jim Harbaugh would like to have under center.  He doesn’t command the huddle and isn’t exhibiting the “swagger” necessary to lead the offense.  This isn’t a death blow for Peters, but it certainly has allowed true freshman Dylan McCaffrey to close the gap between the two young signal callers.  My sources tell me that Peters plays as well or better than Speight and O’Korn but he has yet to earn Harbaugh’s trust as a leader of the offense.  Frankly if you extrapolate this to its logical conclusion, it isn’t a stretch to see Peters wash out and leave the program, there are plenty of other talented QB’s in the pipeline and with Speight slated to return in 2018 it could be McCaffrey’s show in 2019 if Peters doesn’t make inroads.

I’m also hearing rumbling that Peters isn’t grasping the playbook as the coaches had expected, but at this point with O’Korn they are running out of belief he will ever make a read and connect on a big play.  A loss to PSU might start the Peters era, or not.

Gregg, Is the NFL fixed?  Did you see the ridiculous call in the Jet’s game Sunday?-JT in Royal Oak.

Yes, I did see the call and no, I the NFL isn’t fixed.  The only league that is fixed is the NBA, the NFL doesn’t need to fix the games to get people to watch.  As for the call, please, the only reason anybody cares is because it happened to a New York team.  I don’t see the national sports media whining and crying  over the multiple times Detroit has been completely screwed over by NFL officials, of course not everyone is into football, for practicing sports, people choose other sport as tennis and boxing, since there are many Boxing Gear Onlineshop for getting all the equipment required.  Nobody said a word, NOT ONCE, when the Lions were having rule changes made in their honor.  I’m glad the Jets got screwed, I hope it happens to the Giants next.

Other question, Greg.  What are your thoughts on Detroit Golf Club? We saw a report about your review on the place, but golf fans would love to hear it again if you don’t mind. Jason in Pickney.

Well, Jason. I really enjoyed it! I loved the fact that Donald Ross designed the two courses after the “Snowbirds” of Detroit Golf Club visited Pinehurst. The place is huge, the restaurant’s food was delightful. I’ve been practicing there for the last 3 months and been upgrading my gear. I would actually recommend you guys to start playing golf, I relaxes your body a lot, but you would need to learn first the components of golf drivers before you buy one that not fits with the way you feel comfortable playing.

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Jim Caldwell Is Back, Why Not?

The Lions have made it official, Jim Caldwell will be back with the Lions for the 2017 season and my thought is a resounding….sure, why not!

You can make a case for and against Jim Caldwell, I would personally like the Lions to be a forward thinking organization and set a course and sail, but we all know that isn’t going to happen.  The Lions are a franchise that lets the world “happen to it,” rather than a team that “takes control of its own destiny.”  It’s the way they think, it is institutional.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (even though the Lion brass thinks they are the smartest guys in the room) to see that Jim Caldwell is not a game changer, he’s not an innovator and he certainly isn’t the best game day coach in the NFL.  What Caldwell is, is an easy pick.  Bringing him back won’t ruffle many feathers and it buys GM Bob Quinn another year to screw around with zero expectations.

The Lions haven’t announced any contract extension (but I think it is coming) so at this point giving Caldwell his fourth year is an easy decision, however if they put pen to paper on an extension, Lions fans would have every right to be angry.  While Caldwell may have earned the right to see his last year through, he hasn’t earned an extension.

Let’s face it, Jim Caldwell is the perfect face for this organization, he’s a non-factor, he isn’t special, he’s not aggressive, he has no swagger, he is mediocre in everything he does and that is why his presence on the sidelines will ensure no gains for the Lions in 2017.  It will be more of the same, we’ve already seen his team wilt under the pressure and fail to clinch a division title that was all but clinched a month ago.

Face it, in three years with the franchise, Caldwell is 27-21. His .571 winning percentage is the best of any coach in team history during the Super Bowl era and that is good enough for Martha Ford and Bob Quinn.  Let’s not get ridiculous and cocky by starting to raise our standards or anything, it is ain’t broke, don’t fix it….stay the mediocre course.

If we are being real, the Lions roster sucks, it isn’t worthy of being in the playoffs, even the players who are good either haven’t played well or missed significant playing time due to injury, so there is a small argument to be made that Caldwell is a keeper.  My point is bigger, I want the Lions to be bolder under Quinn, I want them to raise their mediocre standards and shoot for the moon, not “continuity.”

All sarcasm aside, Jim Caldwell has one persona and only one person to thank for his fourth year….Matt Stafford.  Without Stafford, Caldwell is already on the lions ash heap of history and well on his way to retirement.  Jim Caldwell should walk down to the Lion’s locker room and shake Stafford’s left hand.

Lion fans?  It’s another lost year.