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Top 10 Sports Talk Show Host In Detroit?

Easily the most asked question of me through this web site is, “Who is the best Sports Talk Show Host in Detroit.”   Everybody has their personal favorites, as I do, but this list is not about my personal favorites, it is who I think is good!

10. Dennis Fithian: The gravel voiced Fithian is solid at sports but doesn’t bring much in the way of entertainment value, solid           X’s and O’s host.  Solid listen if you are a Michigan fan.

9. Bill McAllister: Bill is talented, funny and solid at sports.  He may be miscast alongside Stoney but there is no doubt he can be      funny and he knows Detroit very well.  Bill did a lot of really funny stuff when we worked together, the format hinders him at       97.1 The Ticket.

8. Scott Anderson: The guy worked hard to make himself ...

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Putting Together The Pieces At 105.1

Multiple sources now tell me the new sports station on 105.1 will have the following lineup.

6a-10a:          Mike and Mike

10a-Noon:    Colin Cowheard

Noon-3p:      Rico Beard and Ryan Ermani

3p-7p:           Drew Lane

7p-Mid:        ESPN Gamenight

I’m told Rico Beard is a placeholder until Matt Dery’s no-compete with 97.1 expires.  Rico will host weekends when Dery joins the show.

I don’t think Mark Wilson is part of the station at this point.

What do you think of this lineup?


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Frank Beckmann Announces Retirement from Michigan Broadcast Booth Following 2013 Football Season

Frank Beckmann, the legendary voice of University of Michigan Football and a member of the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame, has announced his retirement effective the conclusion of the 2013 football season. Beckmann began calling play-by-play for the Wolverines in 1981. He is only the second person to handle play-by-play duties for the flagship network broadcast of Michigan football in the past 65 years.

“We appreciate all that Frank has done for Michigan football for the past 33 years,” said Dave Brandon, the Donald R. Shepherd Director of Athletics at the University of Michigan. “Frank has dedicated his Saturday afternoons to telling the story of Michigan football through the radio to our fans...

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