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Outta My Monday Moanin’ Mind – Bob Talbert!!

  • I enjoyed the World Cup game vs. Portugal yesterday, but I’m not devastated by the loss.  I wonder why there is no passion for soccer unless it’s the World Cup.  The drama was good, the skill level exceptional, but I can’t bring myself to care.  Go USA, I guess.
  • Soccer fans have a real need for you to love the sport.  Why?  Just enjoy it.  Who cares what the rest of the world thinks about it.
  • Soccer haters have a real need to bash the sport.  Why?  Can’t you just leave soccer fans alone to their “thing?”
  • Why would the USA and Germany agree to a tie?  What is to be gained?
  • I’m a reformed soccer basher, I think I felt the need to counter the “soccer lovers.”  I don’t care now, it’s pretty obvious that soccer will never catch the big 5 sports in the U.S.
  • It’s painfully obvious that...
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We Live In A Messed Up World

So, Brad Ausmus is on his apology tour, it was inevitable, it always is when the politically correct police get to work.

Ausmus made a bad joke yesterday and the nutty PC crowd is going to make him pay dearly, why, because in 2014 what we say is far more important that what we actually do.

When asked by Reporters, “How do you deal with the losses,” Ausmus quipped, “I go home and beat my wife.”  Oh no, he made a bad joke, HE MUST PAY.  That is exactly how the media and some moronic fans reacted.

Some in the media, who are so wussified by their own wives were so over the top on the situation, it made me wonder what exactly they were hiding in their own relationships...

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LOOK: Eyeball Tattoos Are A “Thing?”

Sorry, this is just too much, how disgusting are these things?

Would you get one?



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