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What’s Up With Sparty.

I’m hearing so many rumors about Michigan State it is hard to decipher what is real and what is fiction.

The rumors about Sparty and the sexual assault are likely true according to trusted sources, I have many sources who tell me that there is an ongoing investigation into three players and a coach who were party to a sexual assault on campus in January.

The three players will be revealed soon but it is undeniable that Curtis Blackwell is involved and tried to curb this situation before it was made public.  He made a big mistake and moved MSU into “Baylor” territory with his actions.

I can confirm that this investigation is very serious, Mark Hollis returning to East Lansing is proof that the sexual assault investigation is very real...

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Ridiculous “GIFs” From College Football Week # 1

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Alabama Football Players Not Charged Over Air Conditioning?

I’m not sure where to start!  Check out the DA in Alabama and his rational for not charging a couple of ‘Bama players, Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones were arrested on gun and drug charges.

What in the name of all holy hell is this goober even talking about?  These guys were caught with guns and drugs but won’t be prosecuted because they didn’t grow up in air conditioning?  WTF?

If the DA is saying these kids are disadvantaged, why not come out and say it?  Why, because it won’t wash, that is why he is using a ridiculous metaphor as an excuse for not prosecuting these dummies...

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