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Michigan State Kicked Out Of The Big Ten?

CookOf course not, but check out this interesting take on realignment by Clay Travis of Fox Sports.  He discusses realignment based only on TV dollars.  It doesn’t end well for Michigan State, Purdue and Northwestern.  This will never happen, but who knows what craziness could go down when these leagues start scurrying for money!

Here is an excerpt from the article.

The Big Ten doesn’t need two teams in a state either so they would kick out Purdue, Michigan State, and Northwestern. (Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois are all better brands and TV draws than the three schools we’d kick out.) Then the Big 10 would probably add Vanderbilt, a North Carolina school and a Virginia school since the ACC doesn’t gain much value from two Virginia schools and FOUR North Carolina schools. (Kansas would also be in serious play here, but I think the Big 10 desperately wants entre into Southern markets.)

The ACC would probably add Northwestern, Michigan State and Purdue to make up for the teams it lost.

Read who stays and who goes in all the power 5 conferences under this scenario.


Jerry Palm’s Latest College Football Bowl Projections! Michigan To The…..



Illinois: UCLA in the Foster Farms Bowl

Iowa: Houston in the Peach Bowl

Michigan: Florida in the Citrus Bowl (Battle of 2 GREAT first year Head Coaches)

Michigan State: Stanford in the Rose Bowl (REMATCH)

Minnesota: Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl

Nebraska: Duke in the Pinstripe Bowl

Northwestern: Texas A&M in the Outback Bowl

Ohio State: Clemson in the Orange Bowl

Penn State: Mississippi State in the Music City Bowl

Wisconsin: Arizona State in the Holiday Bowl View

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