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VIDEO: Minnesota Catcher Slaps Cespedes In The Nuts.

Yo’s former teammate Kurt Suzuki took some liberties with Cespedes’s nuts tonight when he gave the Tiger Outfielder a turkey tap.  Check it out here.

I laughed out loud when I saw it, but turkey taps are no laughing matter.  It is particularly funny that Yo knew it was coming and covered up.


PODCAST: Big House Nation Talks With Former Wolverine Lary Sorensen!

Today “Big House Nation” talked with former Wolverine and MLB pitcher Lary Sorensen.

Segment 1: Lary talks about his Michigan baseball career, why the Michigan baseball team isn’t elite right now.  He also  discusses how he thinks the 2015 Tigers will fare in the AL Central. 

Segment 2: Lary and Gregg discuss Harbaugh’s decision to return to Michigan, what he thinks Harbaugh’s realistic expectations will be in 2015.   How Michigan promotes “competition” under Harbaugh at Michigan.

Segment 3: How recruits are graded and why it is often wrong.​

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BLAME Verlander and Upton For The Nudes!

I’m laughing at the phony outrage over the invasion of Kate Upton and Justin Verlander’s privacy.   Please don’t compare this incident to rape, one columnist went as far as to claim asking Kate and Justin to not take pictures of themselves if they don’t want them stolen is akin to telling a a rape victim she was asking for it by wearing a short skirt.  That is just STUPID!

While it is too bad in this day and age that you can’t keep anything private, it was Verlander and Upton who decided to take pictures of themselves naked.  Why would you do that in the first place, especially a dude.  I for one have never been naked and thought it would be a good idea to take a selfie of my junk.  Why, what is the point?

In 2014, apparently taking naked selfies is a “thing,” but why?  Did people in the 70’s and 80’s take Polaroids of themselves?  What good has taking a naked selfie ever done?  If you’re a women and you send them to your boyfriend, what happens when you break up?  They get passed around to all his boys! Duh.

Bottom line, there are bad people out there, protect yourself, don’t be stupid and take pictures of yourself naked.  If you really need to see  yourself naked, get a Polaroid!  Personal responsibility matters now more than ever, cover your man and woman parts.