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Teddy Greenstein Exposed His Dislike Of Harbaugh!

If you ever needed to see an example of the media being dishonest, look no further than Teddy Greenstein’s article this week on former Michigan recruit Erik Swenson.

Greenstein has been a rather unfair Harbaugh critic and the article about current Oklahoma offensive lineman Erik Swenson actually proved that Greenstein has been unfair to Harbaugh since the Wolverines pulled the longtime commit’s scholarship early last year.

Greenstein aired some pretty damning information about Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh and then proceeded to backtrack with comments from Harbaugh himself.

Greenstein printed a quote from Swenson’s high school coach, Mark Molinari that was clearly revealed only to hammer away at Michigan and Harbaugh’s credibility on the recruiting trail.  Molinari has this to say after Michigan pulled Swenson’s offer, “In the first three or four hours, my phone rang 50 times,” Molinari said. “(College) coaches were blown away by it. They said, ‘There is no way that this happens.’ Some said, ‘That’s why we hate Michigan.’ Or Harbaugh.”

This is how Greenstein portrayed Swenson’s situation with Michigan.

What happened to Swenson is exceedingly rare: a high school player in good academic standing, who remains loyal to the school to which he verbally committed, getting dumped within weeks of signing day.

There is a term for a school dispatching a player it no longer wants: “processing.”

Connecticut coach Randy Edsall got crushed last week by national media figures Paul Finebaum (“total disgrace”), Mike Greenberg (“How you go to sleep at night, I have no idea”) and the Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins (“No one is more committed to Randy Edsall than Randy Edsall”) after his scurrilous actions regarding a high school linebacker from New Jersey named Ryan Dickens.

However, when Harbaugh was asked how the situation played out, he offered this explanation in regards to the Swenson recruitment.

“There’s a camp in June, and we really want you to come so we can see you.’ It ended up, after a couple of conversations that he wasn’t going to come to camp.

“I said: ‘We’re going to be in Indianapolis in the beginning of June for a satellite camp. It’s closer to your home.’ He said no. I said, ‘We really need to see you for ourselves.’ He said, ‘Just evaluate my senior tape.’ ‘OK, that’s what we will do.”

Critics often nail coaches for pulling scholarships, but they rarely hold the player to the same standard, recruiting is a mutual agreement….when one side is not satisfied, they move on to better opportunities.  It is a two way street.

The bottom line for Michigan is they couldn’t get a live evaluation of Swenson and decided to move on, this isn’t new and it is something every single power five school does on a regular basis.

In the end, Greenstein let his personal opinion of Harbaugh get in the way of the facts of the story.

Jeremy Clark Denied Sixth Year, What Does It Mean for Michigan’s Secondary?

Michigan cornerback Jeremy Clark has been denied a sixth year by the NCAA, according to WTKA Radio in Ann Arbor, this is a big blow to the Michigan secondary that was decimated by graduation following Michigan’s Orange Bowl loss to Florida State.

Clark suffered a torn ACL in the Penn State game and Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh had sought a medical redshirt.  Clark started the first three games of the season in place of Jourdan Lewis who missed the beginning of the season with an injury.

Clark has signed with an agent and plans to play in the NFL.

Clark started seven games at corner in 2015 and three in 2016 before his injury.  Clark was an important member of the Michigan secondary, battling Channing Stribling for the starting spot.

Michigan will enter the 2017 season with very little experience in the secondary minus Clark.  Brandon Watson is the only experienced upperclassman returning to the position group.

Highly touted sophomore’s LaVert Hill and David long are expected to earn starting spots in 2017 while competing with Keith Washington (Redshirt sophomore) and freshman Ambry Thomas and Benjamin St-Juste.

Michigan is reportedly looking to sign one more cornerback in the class of 2017 to add more depth to the position.

Look for Long, Hill and freshman Ambry Thomas to fill out the Michigan secondary when the Wolverines face Florida in Dallas this fall.

So Many “Hawt Takes” On Harbaugh, I Can’t Keep Up!

Harbaugh smile

I spent the better part of last week sitting by the pool in Florida listening to sports radio and, wow, did I get beaten over the head with “hawt takes” regarding Michigan football and Jim Harbaugh.

I don’t mind people having a critical take on Harbaugh or Michigan football, that is your prerogative, I only take issues with guys being blatantly uninformed and simply using their platform to troll a fan base to get phone calls or to drum up interest in their show.

The first “hawt take” of the year was some guy on Detroit sports radio who claimed Jim Harbaugh couldn’t recruit or develop a QB.  Huh?  Harbaugh recruited and coached Josh Johnson while he was at San Diego, he also put the kid in the NFL.  He recruited and coached Andrew Luck enough to make him the #1 overall pick in the 2012 draft, he recruited and coached Jake Rudock back from a dead career to a 6th round draft pick in last years NFL draft.

This kind of stuff is embarrassing as this host didn’t know the very basics of Harbaugh’s career and accomplishments, his success with Quarterbacks is not up for debate, the guy is a QB guru.  For a radio host to get on the air and try to claim anything to the contrary is absurd.

The second “hawt take” was by a local suburban Detroit “journalist.”  This guy had the audacity to claim Jim Harbaugh was still only the 3rd best coach in the B1G behind Urban Meyer and Mark Dantonio, I’m not kidding, this was an actual claim.  Look, Meyer is unmatched at this point, but I find it hard to believe anybody outside of those in green and white underwear actually believe Dantonio is a better coach than Jim Harbaugh.  Finishing the season 3-9 with a full compliment of his own players disqualifies Dantonio from being ahead of Jim Harbaugh on any coaching list.

Harbaugh’s 20-6 record in his two seasons is very good, not great, but people need to understand he is coaching without players he recruited and he’s doing it very well.  Fans have short memories, remember when Rich Rod and Brady Hoke took over, neither was able to take the previous recruits and make them successful, HARBAUGH is doing it without the benefit of many players he recruited.  That will change in 2017.

No doubt the expectations in Ann Arbor are high, but there also needs to be a healthy dose of reality, when Jim Harbaugh took over Michigan they were a team that was thin on talent on the offensive side of the ball, the Offensive Line has been brutal for a decade, there is no quick fix for that, the only way to get better on the OL is for young guys to mature.  It appears there is a higher talent level with the incoming lineman, some will play early but the preference with lineman is to almost always red shirt and improve strength and conditioning as freshman.

Michigan also doesn’t have an elite level QB ready to play yet, Speight played well at times but appeared to wilt under the bright lights, that has to change in 2017.  If Speight doesn’t do that, elite level recruits, Brandon Peters and Dylan McCaffrey will push him for playing time.

The most surprising aspect of the offense were the lack of production by the Wide Receivers.  Darboh and Chesson were nice receivers who didn’t have great senior seasons.  Against B1G competition it appeared Michigan WR’s had trouble getting separation downfield.   I’m told the young receivers on the roster and the incoming freshman are on a completely different level, Michigan should be fine here going forward.

Expectation are fine, but these people laying out expectations without sharing all the information are beyond annoying and unfair, I’m sure Michigan fans aren’t concerned about what PSU and MSU grads expect from their program.  I’ve yet to hear from one fan of the actual program that isn’t thrilled with where the Wolverines are in year two of the Harbaugh era, sometimes fans have short memories and that leads to ridiculous speculation and angry rants on social media, that isn’t the real world.

Harbaugh has been in Ann Arbor for 2 years and he is way ahead of schedule.