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Am I The Only One Burnt Out On Politics

If you’ve read my blog or listened to me on the radio for any length of the time you know I am a political junkie.  I love politics almost as much as I love football, The Detroit Tigers and playoff hockey, but following the 2012 Presidential election I am simply burned out on politics.  I can’t watch any of it on either side anymore and I am not sure why, the bitching from both sides has always been the same, why would I feel any different this time?

There was a time when I watched Fox News almost everyday or tuned to CNN or MSNBC to see what the other side was talking about, but I haven’t done it since the day after the latest election.  As a matter of fact, I tuned into The O’reilly factor tonight and only got through the “Talking Points Memo” before I switch to the American Country Music Awards for refuge.  I can’t even explain why I switch off the political banter, I usually swear by “The Memo” as I think it is the best political segment on any channel.

I’ve joked on social media about my malady and the response had been unbelievable.  Clearly I am not the only one who is in need of a break for the political discourse.

I think the disappointment of Obama winning a second term is only a small part of it as I suspected his crowd to return him to another glorious four years.  I think I am simply growing tired of the bickering and of the shift this country is seeing across its political landscape.  I fear than nobody cares to learn the issues and is simply voting for their team to win the game.  I am guilty of this a bit too, but my overwhelming concern is usually the fiscal health of the country and it appears neither party sees it as a priority.  Why don’t any of the leaders in either party see $16 trillion in debt as a bad thing?  Why are all of the issues that the American people care about simply ignored by the people we elect to fix them?  It is maddening.  I think I’m done for a while, just not enamored with the state of the discussion in our country right now, anybody think we will ever see a candidate that can unite and not divide?

 Are you burnt on politics too?  If so, why?