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Gregg & Michielle Podcast Episode #9


Gregg and Michelle discuss the hiring of Juwan Howard as Head Basketball coach at The University of Michigan.  Michelle, a sparty fan, took the chance to make fun of Howard.

We also discuss the Toronto Raptors and the effect of the teams success on the City Of Toronto.

The Illitch family are a bunch of frauds.

Gregg’s son might have a girlfriend, he’s dressing better.

Gregg is going to see Rocketman and Michelle says NOT to expect Bohemian Rhapsody.

Remember the Mothra song?

PODCAST: Gregg & Michelle Episode #8

Gregg and Michelle discuss Michelle’s recent emergency surgery, which body part did she have added/removed this time.

Hospital roommates

The finale of Game Of Thrones

Juwan Howard as new Michigan Head Basketball Coach


a classic clip from Gregg and Michelle on 97.1

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PODCAST: Gregg & Michelle Episode #7

In Episode #7:

Gregg and Michelle talk about getting fired from 97.1 FM.

And they discuss last weeks episode of GoT and look ahead to Sunday night’s show.

A Tiger fan who caught Albert Pujols’ 2,000 RBI home run ball won’t give it back to the Angel’s slugger.

The Chicago Cub have permanently banned a fan for a “racist” hand gesture.  BUT….was it racist or something much more innocent.

Michelle saw 73 year old Cher and thought it was great…GROSS.

Also, Courtney Love  on why Brad Pitt can’t ever play Kurt Cobain?