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Cris Carter (URBY’S WATER BOY) Says Harbaugh Wants Out Of Michigan

Dumb, not true and easily dismiss-able.  What Chris Carter said this morning is reprehensible.  Given the fact that he talked to Urban Meyer the night before, you know where this came from.  I don’t think Meyer said it, I think Carter is claiming this as a defense mechanism against the potential negative recruiting that Ohio State will experience by some schools following Meyer’s departure.  If they are worried about negative recruiting, they should look east to Happy Valley as James Franklin is widely known as a negative recruiter, I do not hear the same about the Michigan staff on the recruiting trail.

The Harbaugh narrative has been put to rest, except for the NFL media who trot out the rumor whenever they don’t have anything else to talk about.  Harbaugh isn’t leaving Michigan, barring something extremely unforeseen, he’s said and demonstrated it since the day he arrived to rescue the Michigan program.  While he has returned Michigan to national prominence, he hasn’t finished the job, he knows that and will finish it.

There is a certain segment of the Michigan fan base that is short sighted and angry, but those feelings will fade as the bowl game approaches and fans get a load of a potentially game changing recruiting haul headed for Michigan in 2019.  The program has momentum.

Chris Carter really did himself a dis-service with these comments as 100% of the football world knows he made up and planted this story, trust me, his own colleagues are scratchng their heads, they know this was nothing more than an OSU alums attempt to change the narrative.  This is really damaging stuff for his brand, no he isn’t a journalist, but even as a talking head you MUST have some type of verifiable credibility and he doesn’t, at all.

Look, you are nuts if you think this will end well for Ryan Day.  If 12-1 isn’t enough to satisfy OSU fans, what do Ryan Day’s next few years look like?  How can he possible top what Urban did in Columbus?  This likely won’t end well for Day!

I personally think recruiting will be Day’s major issue, OSU folks act like Urby isn’t the best recruiter in college football, face it, Meyer could sell ice to an Eskimo.  He’s was an unparalleled recruiter.  Day will recruit well, it is still OSU, but he can’t match Meyer, no way.

Urban will coach again soon, this whole side show was Urban having a hissy fit over a perceived slight by OSU brass.  He believes the OSU brass threw him under the bus when they suspended him and this is a double FU to the people in charge at OSU.  Yes, I think he has a health issue, but I don’t think he had to retire, he wanted to leave.  In the end, it’s who Urban Meyer is, a slick salesman with a ridiculous ego.  It had to end this way.

Smart Tweets From Rational Michigan Fans!

Well it happened, Michigan got hammered by Ohio State!  It really should shock Michigan fans, there was always a chance they could lose on the road to a top ten Urban Meyer coached team.  Call me crazy but I did think they could lose.  Most Michigan fans were lulled into a false sense of security because the Buckeyes had played so poorly against lesser Big Ten opponents.  We all fell victim to the Urban Meyer “rope a dope.”

Yep, it certainly sucks to lose a game like that will everything on the line, but the embarrassing showing by the Michigan fan base is worse than the team’s performance.  There are people who actually think Jim Harbaugh should be fired for winning 10 games and losing to two of the best teams in the country.  Fired!!  Not to mention the media member who think the problem is systemic when it isn’t.  The whole state of Michigan has lost its damn mind.

Start with the premise that losing to Ohio State AGAIN, sucks.  Losing to Ohio State shouldn’t send the collective fans base into an anti-Michigan tizzy.  I laugh because every time Jim Harbaugh loses a games not only does the National media take gratuitous shots at him, his own fans base joins the party.  Are we really living in a world where 10-2 and a trip to a New Years 6 Bowl aren’t good enough?  The college football playoff has reduced college fans to nothing more than an hysterical mob.  Get over it, only one team ends its season with a W.

I thought this might be a good time to point out that there is a small, rational faction in the Michigan fan base that understands the process and realizes that 2018 was a great year for the program following last season’s nightmare.  Here are some samples of the smart tweets from people who think for themselves, have perspective and understand the process.





Michigan fans need to grow up and realize that Michigan isn’t in the same class as OSU, yet!  Until Harbaugh arrived they weren’t getting near the caliber of athlete as Ohio State, they are now.  The cycle will adjust itself, just like it did after Michigan dominated John Cooper.  It’s also a good time to point out, Ohio State is much more passionate about the rivalry, it is their self worth, winning is EVERYTHING in Columbus.  Additionally, Ohio State made the switch to the SEC model under Jim Tressel, Michigan didn’t start operating in the SEC mold until four years ago.  Ohio State has also been riddled with scandal since taking the leap.

I will tell you this and do not doubt me on it, if Harbaugh wins 10 games a year at Michigan, he will stay as long as he wants to stay.

Of Course Michigan should and Would blow Joe Milton’s Redshirt

Michigan travels to New Jersey this week to beat the snot out of Rutgers and the biggest question should be “who plays when Shea Patterson is done before halftime?”

There is an easy question to answer…the backup “this week” should be Brandon Peters.

I said after the bowl loss to South Carolina that Peters had played his last meaningful snaps at Michigan and I believe that is still the case.  Most snaps against Rutgers should be meaningless.

When the blowout is on in Piscataway on Saturday Michigan will trot out Peters to mop up.  It’s the right choice.  Joe Milton has already played a couple of games but he should be available if needed.

Michigan is in a situation where they very easily could make the college football playoff; any talk of preserving Milton’s red-shirt, should he be needed, is insane.  If he’s Michigan’s best option to win, he should play.

Red-shirting a player is great in theory, but a player like Milton will be used if Michigan needs him to step in during a critical situation.

This is 2018, winning matters and if Milton is as advertised, he should be used to preserve a potential championship season.  There is no reason NOT to play him if the playoffs are on the line and Patterson is unavailable.

Michigan now has a QB pipeline, they no longer have to rob and steal seasons from talented quarterbacks, they have plenty of QB talent and more on the way.  Players come and players go, talented QB’s are now the standard in Ann Arbor, there is no reason to preserve eligibility.  If something terrible happens to Shea Patterson and Michigan needs Joe Milton, he should play.

Fans should stop worrying about red shirts, players who are ready, will play and it shouldn’t be an issue.

If Michigan needs Joe Milton, Michigan needs to play Joe Milton.