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PODCAST: Gregg & Michelle Episode 13

Michelle is back from vacation and her mouth is in overdrive, which means we have a great show for you this week. 🙂

Michelle went “up north” like a typical Michigander.  Gregg hated going up north when he was a kid, he just wanted to stay home and watch Tiger games.

Michelle explains why she was always the Activities Director whenever they arrived at a new campground.

Michelle’s dog is sick and it’s breaking her and 10 things you are mistaking about your dog’s actions.

We explain how to have better, quicker sex.  Esh.

Trump vs. The Squad!


PODCAST: Gregg & Michelle Episode #11

Welcome to Episode #11 of The Gregg & Michelle Podcast.

In this episode, Gregg and Michelle discuss CBD oil, fathers day and first jobs.

Gregg worked at McDonald’s in Clawson and Michelle worked at Burger Crest in Fruitport, MI.

We also hear a classic clip from Gregg’s dad Larry, who joined Motor City Middays back in the day.  He passed away in 2007.  Michelle also recorded her dad requesting a new room air conditioner, of course Michelle pissed him off.

Michelle has retired from doing “roadies.”

The Raptors, Draymond Green and The Stanley Cup Champions!!!