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PODCAST: Gregg & Michelle Episode #5

Welcome to Episode #5 of the Gregg & Michelle podcast.

In this episode, we discuss Steve Yzerman’s return to the Red Wings and what it means to Detroit and the future of the Red Wings.

Tigers Woods return to glory….save me the tears garbage.

Michelle got hit with a big tax Bill.  DUMMY!

Gregg was disappointed in the first episode of Game Of Thrones.

Enjoy!  Have a great Easter weekend.

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PODCATS: Gregg & Michelle Episode #4

Episode 4 of the Gregg & Michelle Podcast features a GoT discussion as the Final Season of Game Of Thrones kicks off Sunday night on HBO.

Michelle knows it all and Gregg just likes the boobs and violence.  SHOCKER!

They also discuss why Marge (Michelle) still pays for cable and how she can fix it.

Drew & Mike along with Trudi return to the air on WLLZ in Detroit on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

AND…..Julian Assange is a bad house guest!!

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PODCAST: Gregg & Michelle Episode #3

In Episode 3 of Gregg and Michelle, Michelle believes she has proof that long haired blondes get treated better than none blondes.

We also discussed the Opening Day banners that flew over Comerica Park trashing Mayor Duggan. We called the phone number on the aerial banners to see who would pick up.  Someone answered.
Who is the kid who turned up in Kentucky?  Michelle thinks she knows how they kid came up with the idea to try to fool the grieving parents.
Jussie Smollett is back for another of Empire, will he have a show to come back too?
Gregg and Michelle discuss the new binge-worthy shows on Netflix.