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PODCAST: Gregg & Michelle Episode 2

In Episode 2 Gregg and Michelle discuss the Jussie Smollett deal that saw the “Empire” star walk from on all charges.

We also discuss Michigan and Sparty in the sweet 16 (briefly) and a little binge worthy TV for the weekend as well as Michelle’s trip to the UP to convalesce with her 50 year old friend who had a hip replacement.  Watch out old fat men in Marquette.


Gregg & Michelle Episode # 1

Welcome to episode #1 of the New Gregg and Michelle podcast!
Today on the show we discuss our 14 years apart since “Motor City Midday’s” in Detroit.
Michelle is now a skinny lez-vegan. Gregg is still as handsome and charming as ever.
We discussed the unhinged Tom Izzo episode from Thursday night in the NCAA tournament, we also discuss the things that stress out millennial and the naming of the golden butt hole in Sterling Heights.

Gregg & Michelle PODCAST Trailer!

Welcome to the new Gregg and Michelle Podcast.  Michelle and I originally worked together on 97.1 FM in Detroit when it was “Live 97.1.”  We haven’t done a show together in a while so we decided to get back together to have a little fun.  Enjoy and listen for a new show every Thursday.