Meyer And Harbaugh Are The B1G’s Best And It Ain’t Close!


Rolling Stone released an article yesterday titled “Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh: The Big Ten’s Big Two,” and it really pissed off a certain fan base.  Of course it was irrational anger as the painted face fans of another B1G east school screamed their brains out about the omission of their angry little coach.

The fact is, Meyer and Harbaugh are the two best coaches in the B1G and it isn’t debatable.  Sure the little fellas have had a nice run, but it certainly doesn’t elevate their coach into the same stratosphere as Meyer and Harbaugh.  Some in this delusional fan base like to believe that Harbaugh hasn’t coached a game yet, which is laughable considering he’s won at every level, including the highest level…the NFL...

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Harbaugh Meets The Supreme Court & Crashes A Wedding With Recruits!

Are you kidding me?  Jim Harbaugh actually met with the Supreme Court last April, but I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of Harbaugh and recruits crashing an Ann Arbor wedding.

From the Detroit News Michigan’s ubiquitous football coach, Jim Harbaugh, has been to Peru and Paris this offseason — and seemingly everywhere in between, as well. So it should be no surprise to learn that he visited the Supreme Court in April — and managed to arrange meetings with five justices. The Wall Street Journal says Harbaugh gave Justice Elena Kagan his heavily-underlined book about Alabama coach Bear Bryant. She asked Harbaugh to sign it. Harbaugh also tried to convince Justice Clarence T...

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PICTURE: Is There A Black Jersey In Michigan’s Future!?

This is the jersey Ohio State will wear this season for the Penn State game.  They also have versions for many other Nike schools like Alabama and Oregon!  I”m not in favor of every changing of the Michigan home jersey, I don’t mind if they want to mess around with the road shirts.  It makes you wonder if Nike will attempt to make these for Michigan when the contract kicks in next summer.

Some schools are denying the report, others are mum!

Black Jersey Black



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