Rumors From Michigan Spring Practice

I talked to a couple of people at Michigan today and there are some very interesting story lines developing.

1. Shane Morris is not performing well so far in spring drills.  Both Malzone and Wilton Speight are off to better starts under Harbaugh.  Malzone at one point was getting more reps than Speight but I’m told that it has evened out a little since the early part of practice.  According to my guys in A2, Malzone and Speight are both outplaying Shane at this point.  This could be Harbaugh creating and encouraging competition but it could also mean Shane Morris just isn’t going to be good enough to start at Michigan.  Time will tell, but at this point you have to wonder if Morris will ever live up to the 5 star hype coming out of high school...

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PODCAST: From My Fill-In Segment This Morning on WDFN.


This morning I had the chance to fill-in for Matt Sheppard on WDFN.  I had a great time and appreciate everybody who listened and called in to the show.  Here is a link to some of the podcasts from the show this morning.

Click here for the podcasts.


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VIDEO: James Neal’s Nasty Butt-End On Brendan Smith

Wings win 4-3, but Brendan Smith got rocked by James Neal.


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