Michigan loses To Utah, Future Looks Good!

Michigan lost to Utah 24-17, but this was NOT the same old Wolverines.  This team is better than last year and it is already apparent.  I know Michigan fans are disappointed, but this team moving in a good direction tonight.

Michigan’s offense is a work in progress and will continue to be conservative unless they are behind and need to open it up, have you heard this before?  Yes, you have because that is exactly what Bo, Mo and Lloyd were famous for in the Michigan glory days.

At this point it is pretty obvious that Michigan has and will continue to improve now that we have actually seen what they have on offense.  There are play-makers on offense in Butt and Darboh.  We didn’t know that prior to tonight.  Smith is not an RB, he’s a FB...

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VIDEO: Charles Woodson Punks OSU Heisman Winners

In the latest “Heisman House” commercial Charles Woodson punks OSU’s Eddie George and Troy Smith.  It’s brilliant….”I like your little bush though….” LOL. Tonight has arrived!


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VIDEO: Michigan Hype Video!

This should hold you over until kick-off.


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