Why Doesn’t Jim Harbaugh Overtly Acknowledge His Michigan Roots?

This question was asked of me by one of my twitter followers today and because I am not a friend of Jim Harbaugh, I decided to take it to a couple of Jim Harbaugh’s former teammates and associates at The University of Michigan and there were no shortage of opinions.

Most think Harbaugh is just being “smart” and keeps his name as far away from the Michigan situation as possible as long as he is still under contract with the San Francisco 49′ers.  There is absolutely nothing to be gained by Harbaugh allowing the Michigan talk to invade his thought process right now.  He doesn’t need the distractions or the aggravation that comes with three or four months of speculation about his future...

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VIDEO: Geico’s New Brady Hoke Commercial. Ouch

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Michigan Football Coaching Candidates

Everybody has an opinion on who should be the next “Ira and Nicki Harris Head Football Coach” at Michigan, Including me.  The Coaches I am about to name are split into three categories, Home runs, triples and strike outs.

I simply do not believe Michigan can hit a single or a double with this hire, anything short of a triple or a homer is failure and I believe it would doom the program for years to come if Michigan can’t secure one of the top candidates on this list.

Home Runs

1. Jim Harbaugh (San Fransisco 49′ers).  A no brainer for the wolverines.  While most in the national media think he wants to win a Super Bowl and stay in the Bay area, I am told by multiple former teammates that Harbaugh is all ears should Michigan come calling for his services...

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