Of Course Michigan should and Would blow Joe Milton’s Redshirt

Michigan travels to New Jersey this week to beat the snot out of Rutgers and the biggest question should be “who plays when Shea Patterson is done before halftime?”

There is an easy question to answer…the backup “this week” should be Brandon Peters.

I said after the bowl loss to South Carolina that Peters had played his last meaningful snaps at Michigan and I believe that is still the case.  Most snaps against Rutgers should be meaningless.

When the blowout is on in Piscataway on Saturday Michigan will trot out Peters to mop up.  It’s the right choice.  Joe Milton has already played a couple of games but he should be available if needed.

Michigan is in a situation where they very easily could make the college football playoff; any talk of preserving Milton’s red-shirt, should he be needed, is insane.  If he’s Michigan’s best option to win, he should play.

Red-shirting a player is great in theory, but a player like Milton will be used if Michigan needs him to step in during a critical situation.

This is 2018, winning matters and if Milton is as advertised, he should be used to preserve a potential championship season.  There is no reason NOT to play him if the playoffs are on the line and Patterson is unavailable.

Michigan now has a QB pipeline, they no longer have to rob and steal seasons from talented quarterbacks, they have plenty of QB talent and more on the way.  Players come and players go, talented QB’s are now the standard in Ann Arbor, there is no reason to preserve eligibility.  If something terrible happens to Shea Patterson and Michigan needs Joe Milton, he should play.

Fans should stop worrying about red shirts, players who are ready, will play and it shouldn’t be an issue.

If Michigan needs Joe Milton, Michigan needs to play Joe Milton.

Sports Radio Host….GUILTY, Facing 45 Years In Prison.

RELAX, it isn’t Stoney!  It’s Craig Carton from WFAN in New York.

I once brought this guy in for a tryout on WDFN, he’s a talented guy, but a total jerk.  I’m not sure I saw this coming, but I definitely wasn’t bringing him into our building.  I’m hoping he enjoys his time with Kwame Kilpatrick.

From the New York Post….

A Manhattan federal jury has convicted sports radio personality Craig Carton of fraud — setting the fallen “Boomer and Carton” co-host up for some hard prison time when he is sentenced next year.

After less than a day of deliberations, a jury of three men and nine women found Carton guilty on all three counts against him, including securities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud.

Carton looked straight ahead as the guilty verdicts were read while his wife, who was sitting in the courtroom with other supporters, held back tears.

“I need to let it sink in now,” he told reporters outside the courthouse. “I’m going to go home and hug my kids and let my lawyers deal with the rest of it.”

His lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, said he will appeal the verdict.

Carton, 49, was released on bail but ordered to return for sentencing on Feb. 27. He faces as much as 45 years in prison based on the sentencing guidelines but will likely get far less.

The Westchester native was one of the biggest names in sports radio when he was arrested last year and charged with defrauding investors of a bulk ticket business he had been running with Michael Wright, who has pleaded guilty.

The feds said Carton and Wright, together with a third man who has pleaded guilty in a separate scheme, solicited millions from investors to buy bulk tickets to events — only to use as the money for themselves, including to pay off Carton’s gambling debts.

“As a unanimous Manhattan jury has found, Carton was all talk,” Manhattan US Attorney Geoffrey Berman said. “Carton fabricated contracts for blocks of tickets and spent the almost $7 million he collected from investors on gambling and personal expenses,” Berman added.

At trial, the feds called a hedge fund executive who said his firm gave Carton more than $5 million at various points in 2016 to invest in tickets to Metallica and Barbara Streisand concerts.

In order to win the money, Carton fabricated contracts and emails, including one email presented at trial that was doctored by Carton to look like it had come from Fred Mangione, chief of staff of Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment, which owns the Barclays Center and the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the evidence showed.

At the time of the fraud, Carton was spending big bucks at casinos — even borrowing money from loan sharks to fund his casino trips, according to witness testimony.

One of the loan sharks, Desmond Finger, a general manager of Upper East Side strip club Sapphire 39, told the jury he gave Carton several high-interest loans of as much as $500,000 a pop to finance his casino trips in 2016 and 2017.

Their relationship fell apart when the radio host failed to repay a $500,000 loan in 2017, the strip club manager testified.

Carton resigned from WFAN’s top-rated “Boomer and Carton” radio program a week after his arrest and has repeatedly asserted his innocence up until trial, including in chats with the press and on his new radio show on the FNTSY Sports Network called “Carton & Friends.”

Carton claimed he was a victim of Joseph Meli, who is serving six-and-a-half years at a minimum security prison in Pennsylvania after pleading guilty to stealing a $100 million from investors of his ticket-selling scheme.


Fire Jim Harbaugh

I’m still waiting for the media dolts who screamed to fire Harbaugh to admit they were wrong and repent.

These critics are in hiding because they are low rent “hot take” artists.  Harbaugh’s return to Michigan was always going to be a process.  The program was in shambles when Harbaugh came to town and needed a talent infusion.

From the day he was hired, those of you who listen to me and follow this blog ALWAYS knew I said 2018 would be the year Michigan would return to prominence.  I actually bought into the fact that 2017 could see Michigan arrive early, but I was overzealous. They simply didn’t have enough experience or a QB to make 2017 a banner year.

I think I am a very realistic person, I knew Michigan was in bad shape under Brady Hoke, but I think I looked the other way when his later recruiting classes dropped off the map.  Michigan simply didn’t have enough upper class men to sustain the program, missing on a couple of QB’s and Offensive linemen hurt as well (Isiah Wilson and Devry Hamilton).

It’s on now, Michigan is in stride and the sky is the limit.  NEVER question Harbaugh again or you will end up hiding like his current critics.

Jim Harbaugh is the real deal and perfect for Michigan and he isn’t going anywhere, EVER.