Random Harbaugh Stuff!

Schmaltzy video voiced by Matthew Mcconaughey.  It was taken from a Lincoln car commercial.

Here is the commercial:

This is the Harbaugh video:

I think it worked better for Harbaugh!

Last night former NFL player and ESPN – LA Radio Host Marcellus Wiley claimed Harbaugh already had signed a contract.  I doubt it, but here is the text.


What is interesting is that he tweeted this later, backing off his claim.  I’m sure ESPN told him to cut it out as he isn’t one of their experts.

I don’t think it means anything, there is a lot of this going around...

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Harbaugh To Michigan Intensifying?

I have to admit, the guys feeding me stuff about Jim Harbaugh to Michigan have gone silent.  I think that is a good thing.

I have heard repeatedly that the chatter would die down as this became more and more of a reality.  Nobody wants to screw this up, so they have gone silent.  I’m good with that, but I don’t think the silence is a negative.

I’ve been told by multiple folks that Jim is coming to Michigan but as the day of reckoning draws closer NOBODY wants to go on or off the record as the guy who leaked it.  The silence is resounding, that this could very well be done soon.

Jim is a wild card, because his dad is pushing him to return to Michigan to restore Bo’s legacy.  Jim’s dad, Jack is a central figure in this drama. I’m told Jack is pushing his son hard to return to Ann Arbor.

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VIDEO: Does Jim Harbaugh Really Want To Stay In The Bay?

I don’t know when this interview was done, but those of you who believe he “REALLY WANTS TO STAY IN THE BAY,” start watching at the 2:40 mark.  It will open your eyes!  Can we stop with the “he loves the bay area” garbage?

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