Dave Brandon Was Asked To Resign!

Just chatted with a reliable source inside the Michigan Athletic Department and he revealed to me that Dave Brandon was asked to resign his position as AD at Michigan and he refused.  It isn’t shocking that he refused as he likely wants to have his contract paid out for the next four years after Mary Sue Coleman gifted him a new deal on her way out the door.

I’m told that Brandon’s refusal to resign has “complicated” the issue, meaning they will be forced to fire him and pay him out through the remainder of his contract.  Brandon could even fight the University if he isn’t fired for “cause.”  The President ask for Brandon’s resignation as a way to allow Brandon to leave with some respect, as he is a former Regent as well, but Brandon isn’t going quietly.

My source claims the University ...

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VIDEO: Jimbo Fisher Flips Out When Asked About Jameis Winston!

The good stuff starts at the 1:55 mark, watch the pathetic lap-dog media suckle Fisher after he gets upset.  This is absolutely pathetic, these “journalist” are suppose to represent those who cannot be there to ask questions themselves, the fans!


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Outta My Monday Moaning Mind…Tribute Post To The Great Bob Talbert

I didn’t have a chance to write this post yesterday as I was busy with an all day Monday Night Football Steelers event on the North Shore, so here goes on a Tuesday!

1.  Michigan fan has to relax.  Change is coming to Ann Arbor no matter what happens this weekend when Michigan travels to Michigan State.  The sources I’ve been talking to have not changed their opinion one bit since they first informed me of the turmoil in Ann Arbor.  Hoke and Brandon are not going to survive this season.  Change never happens as quickly as anybody would like, but it is coming and it will be dramatic according to plugged in sources in A2.

2. I was wrong about Jim Caldwell, I didn’t think he would move the needle as Head Coach of The Detroit Lions.  He has exceeded any expectations I had for his tenure...

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