WATCH: Detroit Squatters Throw Garbage on Channel 7 Reporter!

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Welp, here is another embarrassing story gone national about a few of the incredible human beings living in the City Of Detroit.  This is a Reporter from Channel 7 doing a story on squatters in a Detroit home, she attempted to interview the people and is called a “white piece of trash,” has a pop thrown on her and bar-b-q sauce hurtled at her vehicle.

Just another story in Detroit’s amazing comeback.  Meh!  If Detroit is to ever truly come back, this trash must be taken out.

 Watch the video here!

VIDEO: WATCH Accused Man In The Beating Of Steve Utash Flip Off The Court

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Why Detroit is in trouble with no fix in sight, because there are too many of these idiots walking the street in the city.

This is one of the accused in the attempted murder of motorist Steve Utash.  No respect for the courts, the police or your life.


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Hope so
Where are all the comments ?



Stupid, yes, but I don’t see how it relates in any way to liberalism. It speaks to the inefficiency of government, for sure.



Welcome back



This guy is a psycho. You always see him on edge/whining to refs constantly. Well in a season that really doesn’t go his way and you see some adversity- holy s*** this guy just really shows his true colors. He’s taking it out on everybody. The refs/fans/players/injuries (which every team has). It’s just embarrassing the way he has acted in the face of adversity. Guy is digging his own grave and tarnishing his own legacy. I don’t mind tho- it’s interesting when guys go meltdown mode on a national scale.

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