What Greg Mattison Just Said Should Scare The Hell Out Of Michigan Fans!

This tweet should be a shot to the head for anybody who wants to see Michigan return to good football.

This comment by Mattison is wrong on so many levels.  First, Greg Mattison isn’t paid to graduate players, he’s paid $900k a year to build a great defense!  If he wants to graduate players, he could easily resign his position and go coach in high school.  This is big boy football man, his comment is just embarrassing, there are plenty of big time coaches who win and graduate players. It’s hilarious that these coaches think they can make million and keep their jobs by graduating players...

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Is Harbaugh Using Michigan For “Leverage?”

The prevalent wisdom that Jim Harbaugh is using Michigan as “leverage” to get a HUGE deal from an NFL team is absurd.

Some in the media think Harbaugh has no intention to be the next Head Coach at Michigan, but I’m calling “bs.”  From day one my sources have insisted that Harbaugh wants the Michigan job.  His only hesitation is that Michigan has NEVER reached out to him to discuss the position in Ann Arbor.  Harbaugh was ignored during the last coaching search by Michigan an he isn’t at all convinced that Michigan even wants him, I’m guessing that will change when Brady Hoke is relieved of his duties following the Ohio State game next week.

It’s ridiculous to think Harbaugh would use Michigan as leverage when the best leverage for a huge new deal would be another NFL team like the Chica...

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What Michigan’s Loss To Maryland Means!

Face it folks, Michigan’s loss to Maryland today doesn’t mean much.  A win over Maryland would have only given Michigan a trip to the Quick Lane Bowl at Ford Field, better to end the Hoke era now without the embarrassment of playing in Detroit.  Playing in the Quick Lane Bowl would have been as big a stain on the program as losing to App. State.  Why bother?  While it’s disappointing for the seniors, it is a merciful end to a joke of an era of Michigan Football.  It’s better to be done with 2014 and move on with Harbaugh as the new Head Coach.

I’ll always respect Devin Gardner as a man, but the guy just isn’t a good Quarterback...

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