Some ESPN Talking Heads Are Dopes! Check Out This “Hot Take” On Jordan and The Pistons

I don’t know who Max Kellerman is, but he is an ignorant, weak “debater.”  Consider this “hot take” on the Piston v. Bulls.

The Isiah Thomas/Joe Dumars led Pistons went to 5 straight ECF and 3 straight NBA Finals.  How can you make any assumption that they “wouldn’t get out of the east” If Jordan had “Pippen in his prime” for the whole Detroit run?  This kinda stuff is just lazy and amateurish debate.  Using this logic can we say “if Darko wasn’t a bust the Pistons would have won 5 titles in the 2000’s?”

So stupid.  Now you know why I rarely watch ESPN.


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Michigan Unveils New Road Football Uniform

I’ve never understood why people get so emotional about uniforms, but this new road look for Michigan has a lot of people worked up.


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VIDEO: Official New Michigan “HYPE” Video

I hate the term “hype video,” but hey, it’s what the kids are saying.

Check out Michigan’s official video for the 2015 season.  Pretty cool.

The clip is narrated by rapper/actor Xzibit (a Detroit native). It features Bo Schembechler’s famous “The Team” speech, and Harbaugh’s signature “enthusiasm unknown to mankind” phrase.

I love the voice guy, great pipes!

Michigan won’t let us embed it so here is a link.




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