Why Brandon Is Still At Michigan! The Answer!

Talked to some sources today that informed me that Dave Brandon is still at Michigan because of politics.

The New President at The University of Michigan doesn’t want to act right now and has asked the Regents to decide which way to go on the Athletic Director situation.

The President and the Regents would prefer that Brandon step down as AD, but sources close to both sides claim Brandon is adamant that he is not stepping down without his full contract through 2018.  Remember, he was gifted a new deal by his friend and outgoing President Mary Sue Coleman as a payback for Brandon helping get her the President’s gig.

Brandon is not going to go quietly and will take this whole department down if he doesn’t get what he wants when he leave the University.

The only way to make him go away is to...

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Why Michigan Fans Shouldn’t Worry About Recruiting Right Now!

In the wave of bad news for Michigan, fans shouldn’t worry about recruits decommitting from Michigan.  They should concentrate on a new AD and Head Coach.

Michigan has been flooded with bad news in recent weeks as the team is floundering on the field and recruits are backing out on their commitments to the Wolverines.  I’m of the belief that the players choosing to leave Michigan are a blessing is disguise.

At this point, Michigan should only be worried about a new Athletic Director, a new Head Coach and the recruits who are firmly committed to Michigan.

The strength of the program comes from players who want to wear the uniform, not those who are simply looking for a fast track to the NFL, Michigan has historically floundered when they recruit kids who aren’t in love with the program an...

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SOURCE: Michigan Has Contacted UCONN and Boston College About AD’s?

According to the web site coachingsearch.com, Michigan has already begun to gauge the interested of UCONN AD Warde Manuel and Boston College AD Brad Bates.  I wrote about it last week.  Read the story here.

I’m told Brandon knows he’s gone and will simply negotiate his departure from this point forward, that is why you don’t see him ANYWHERE right now.


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