The Economics of “The Harbaugh effect.”


The Washington Post has an article about the economic impact of the “Harbaugh effect.”  I don’t think Michigan fans will be surprised one bit by the increase in business.

The large parking lot at the big high school across the street from the giant stadium reaped between $43,000 and $54,000 for each of the first three home college football games of 2014. For the first three games of 2015, make that $62,000, $65,000 and $59,000.

“Isn’t that amazing, how one person can make that much difference?” Judy Solowczuk said.

The hiring of one person in American college football can stimulate an entire ecosystem. This cultural, economic and odd human concept might have found its epitome last Dec...

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Cool College Football Links!

I finally found a web site that shows when and on which channel all of Saturday’s College Football games will air.  This web site makes Saturday CFB surfing so much easier!  Check it out here and bookmark it!


The USA Today has released its list of the highest paid coaches in College Football.  Nick Saban is number one on the list and thanks to a one time two million dollar signing bonus Jim Harbaugh is number 2.  Harbaugh is only 85k from Saban, think we need a kick starter campaign for put the Michigan Coach over the top?  If you are interested, Sparty’s Head Coach came in 21st.  Click here to see the whole list.  An interesting note here, the chancellor at Wisconsin says Michigan and Ohio State overpay their coaches...

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Adam Rittenberg of ESPN Asked Other Coaches “How good has Jim Harbaugh made Michigan?”

Here is a sample from the article.  Interesting stuff!

“They’re as good as anybody in the nation at matching their offense and defense together,” a head coach who has faced Michigan said. “There’s a lot of teams that go a million miles an hour and they hurt their own defense. But [Michigan] knows who they are. They’re going to run the football, they’ll huddle, they don’t care about being ugly, they’ll do it and they’re so good on defense, it’ll frustrate some teams.

“Even if they end up punting, they get two first downs, they’ll make 25 yards, they’ll take five minutes off the clock and then they’re going to punt. They’ll win a lot of football games doing that.”

A defensive assistant who faced Michigan said the Wolverines’ personnel is better than expected, especially Smith at running bac...

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