Les Miles Turned Down Michigan?

In an interview with ESPN Radio 104.5 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (via ESPN.com’s David Ching), on Wednesday, former LSU athletic director Skip Bertman said Miles rejected an offer from the Wolverines in 2011.

“Les Miles turned that job down for more money at Michigan. He turned it down,” Bertman said. “He would never say that because he’s a very humble guy. But I was there; he turned it down.”

Sorry, this report is patently false.  Les Mile did not “turn down Michigan for more money.”

The same sources who told me Harbaugh was returning to Michigan LONG before he officially signed as Michigan Head Coach claims this version of events NEVER happened.

My sources have long claimed that Miles was offered the job by former Michigan AD, Dave Brandon, but Brandon insulted Miles with his offer...

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Penn State Vs. Michigan: Winners & Losers!


The Michigan running attack

If there is one aspect of Michigan’s game that draws much deserved criticism it’s the running game.  The Wolverines rushing offense was 11th in in the B1G in 2015 averaging just 3.7 yards per carry and 128 yards a game.  So far Michigan, through four games is 4th in the B1G averaging 5.4 YPC and 230 YPG, including 326 total rushing yards against Penn State. In the post-game press conference, Speight and Harbaugh confirmed that at one point in the second half the Michigan offense ran the same play 8 or 9 times in a row and PSU couldn’t stop it.  At times it doesn’t feel like it, but the rushing attack is improving.

Wilton Speight

Speight bounced back from some adversity against Colorado and had a solid, mistake free B1G opener...

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Several Michigan Players Raise Fists During the National Anthem

Michigan players Khalid Hill (80), Grant Newsome (77), Devin Bush (10) and Mike McCRay all raised their fits today during the National Anthem in Ann Arbor.

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