VIDEO: This Sean Hannity Video Should Explain Everything About Ferguson

This interview on Hannity’s show with a woman in a leadership position in Ferguson should tell you all you need to know about the situation.  This woman is ignorant to how our justice system works and isn’t interested in learning.  Pathetic.  ‘Merica 2014.


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Detroit Sports Thoughts!!!

I’m excited for college football, we are 10 days away from kick-off in Michigan and I think it’s going to be a very surprising year for both Michigan and MSU. Indulge me…..

1.  I agree with Kirk Herbstreit, I think Michigan will have a nice bounce back year. Looking over this awful schedule, I believe Michigan will go 10-2, including wins over 2 of the “big 3″ road games.  If Michigan is as improved as I expect, I think beating MSU, ND and OSU (without Miller) is possible.  Personally I think Hoke & Co. are sandbagging, from what I hear from sources, I wouldn’t even put it past them to have intentionally NOT scrimmaged well last week. They are VERY calculated in Ann Arbor.  Of course most of my feeling is based on my years around the program and a couple of inside sources...

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VIDEO: Ferguson Cop Points His Gun At Protesters & Yells ” I Will F*c&ing Kill You”

This is an example of a cop with issues. I understand that he is scared for his life, but this is the kind of stuff that causes people to dislike the police.

he money shot comes about 30 seconds in, when he points the gun directly at multiple people and says, “I will fucking kill you. Get back!”

The person recording the video then asks the officer for his name. “Go fuck yourself,” he replies.

The guys baiting him are asshats too.


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