Michigan Asks For Season Ticket Renewals.

Like many Michigan season ticket holders, I got my renewal notice today.

The deadline to renew my Michigan Football tickets is January 31, 2015.  I will not renew until I know who is Michigan Football Head coach in 2015.  I’m sure we will have our answer before the deadline.

I’ve been a Michigan football season ticket holder since 1997 and never in a million years did I think I would ever consider giving them up as I suspected my kids would someday like to have the tickets.  Face it, that is how it has been done for generations at Michigan.  The normal path was to hand them down to your kids because once you had the tickets, you just didn’t give them up as there was once a decades long waiting list.

Quite frankly, if Harbaugh or Miles isn’t stalking the sideline for Michigan in 2015, I...

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Michigan fans launch campaign to lure Jim Harbaugh back to Ann Arbor!

You think Michigan fans want Harbaugh?  Look at this!

Nov 17, 2014 – A group of Michigan students and alumni are collaborating to recruit Jim Harbaugh as the next Head Football coach at Michigan. The group has launched an innovative crowdfunding campaign that will aspire to raise $1 million from across the vast Michigan alumni and fan network. The $1 million raised will serve as a “signing bonus from the fans”, and will be donated to any charity of Jim Harbaugh’s choosing, so long as he decides to be Michigan’s next head football coach.

The campaign has received incredible interest and support thus far from across the Michigan network, and is aspiring to be the first campaign of its kind. “We, the Michigan family, care deeply about our program and its players...

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All Signs Point To Jim Harbaugh

There is a lot going on in Ann Arbor regarding the Michigan Head Coaching job, the Harbaugh train is gaining momentum and old rifts are being healed.

I’m told that “everybody is on board” with Brady, meaning they all think he has to be fired at the end of the season.  There is a large portion of the Michigan fan base that believes Brady will stay should he run the table, but that simply isn’t the case, change is coming.  To a man, everybody at Michigan wants Brady to be treated with respect and dignity on his way out, they want him and his family to be handled properly.  I’m sure a $6 million buyout fpr his entire staff will ease the pain.

For his part, Harbaugh remains silent, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t talking...

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