PODCAST: Big House Nation 5-21-15

Today on Big House Nation, Dan Henson joins the show to talk Harbaugh’s social media issues, how a coach can offer so many potential players and the impact of transfers in the program such as Jack Rudock and Wayne Lyons.

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This Is What Should Concern You About Jim Harbaugh At Michigan


It is being reported today that Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh will meet with Muslim students who were offended by his American Sniper tweet.

Make no mistake, this is about Jm Harbaugh apparently being a conservative at a now far left wing radical institution.  

I’m told by multiple sources that Harbaugh’s tweet really pissed off the “academics types” at Michigan.  At that point the University President demanded that Athletic Director Jim Hackett require Harbaugh to apologize to the small group of Muslim students.  This would all be absurd if it wasn’t so ridiculously true.  

How a group of about 200...

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Michigan Fans Concerned About The Harbaugh “drama?” Please!


I received a tweet from a big Michigan supporter last night who wondered “Does this much drama always surround him ? Like when he was at Stanford and San Diego ?”
When I asked him to explain himself, I got this…. “The Detroit high school coaches seem to have it out for him … The sec coaches are all hating . The petty bs hating that’s going on”

I’ll admit, I’ve not even considered the issue as I haven’t heard anything negative about Harbaugh from the PSL end and only the satellite camps appear to be an issue with the SEC coaches.

harbsI don’t see or hear anything negative about Harbaugh from the PSL or any Michigan High School Coaches, while most admit they don’t know Jim very well and are establishing relationships with the new staff at Michigan, they are all aware of Tyrone Whe...

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