Outta My Monday Moanin’ Mind. – Tribute Post To Bob Talbert

1. On the drive home from our Labor Day weekend in Detroit, I was explaining to my wife the Justin Verlander/Kate Upton nude photo controversy when she interrupted me and said, “Who would want to see that?”  I said, “well, it was only Verlander’s naked butt cheek, Upton was the one REALLY naked.”  She asked again, “who would want to see her naked?”  I paused, look at her in astonishment and replied “uh, every man on earth.”

Her: “Why?”

Me: “Cause she’s a gorgeous super model.”

Her: “so, I don’t want to see johnny Depp naked.”

me: “forget it”

I mean, am I nuts?  Do most women respond like this?  I’m shocked that she couldn’t understand why nearly every man in America didn’t want to see Upton in the buff.  Now my wife thinks I’m some kind of pervert, I’ll never understand women.


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At Least One SI “Expert” Thinks Highly Of Michigan In 2014

SI.com has released it’s “Crystal Ball” edition for the 2014 College Football season.  One expert, Brian Hamilton thinks the Michigan Wolverines will be the “surprise team” of 2014.

Hamilton: “Michigan. Its rival weakened by Braxton Miller’s injury, here’s betting on new ideas from coordinator Doug Nussmeier, better overall chemistry and a very manageable schedule. The Wolverines will be in contention for a division title.”

I’ve already posted that I think Michigan is laying in the weeds in 2014.  This team has a giant chip on its shoulder, I’m not saying they will shock the world, but I am predicting significant improvement this season.  Gardner should have a great season, I think the Offensive Line will keep him upright and he will thrive...

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VIDEO: Grandma Tries To Understand Granddaughters Gay Relationship

This is just out of control.  The old broad is hilarious.


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