REPORT: A LB Will Wear # 1 At Michigan

I’m not sure I believe this report, but apparently a linebacker will wear the #1 at Michigan next season.

Historically the number is reserved for the teams star wide receiver, and is endowed by former #1 WR Braylon Edwards.  I was under the impression the endowment mandated a WR always wear the number but that apparently isn’t accurate. The endowment is linked to two criteria. 1.) The Michigan player who is handed No. 1 jersey 2.) The Michigan player who exhibits exceptional off-field behavior and conducts himself as a team player...

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Kornheiser: The SEC Is Afraid Of Harbaugh!

I agree, there is no other reason for the SEC to concern itself with Michigan or the B1G!  They are a-scared!


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Athlon Ranks All 128 Division 1 QB’s!


The off-season is a time for lists!  Everyone has a list as we fill the time between bowl games and fall camp for college football.

Today’s list is from Athlon and it ranks every QB from 128 to 1 in college football.  It’s not hard to figure out the top guys, but who are the “next best?”

It’s a “reload” year for QB’s in the B1G with the exception of JT Barrett, but the new guys in the conference are still rated fairly well.

Click here to see the list.

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