VIDEO: Finebaum Critical Of Harbaugh After Solomon Decommits

Finebaum has become a complete joke and a shill for the SEC.  I like the guy’s content but his vendetta against Harbaugh is laughable.

The best part is when he claims “Urban Meyer doesn’t make these mistakes,” Um…..SEC signee says Urban Meyer treated me like crap.  At least you can chalk up Harbaugh’s mistake to an underling in the recruiting office.

This is a classic example of why you don’t send an SEC wonk to do a B1G job.


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PODCAST: Gregg, Big Drew & Jim

Hour 1: Gregg, Big Drew, and Jim discuss who the bigger embarrassment is for the United States, liar Ryan Lochte or cry baby Hope Solo? Also, what in the world did RGIII get for a tattoo?!?!

Hour 2: Gregg. Big Drew, and Jim discuss, yes, those dreaded Detroit Tigers. Have you given up on them yet? Also, the NFL’s preseason power rankings were just released. The Lions came in #27. Too high or too low?

Hour 3: Gregg, Big Drew, and Jim talk Lions backup quarterback battle and give their thoughts on preseason game #2 against the Cincinnati Bengals at home. Also, the guys dive more into the lies of one Ryan Lochte.


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Hour 1 Podcast Of The New Show….Gregg, Big Drew & Jim.

Check it out…our new show on 1130am WDFN and ESPN 961 in Grand Rapids.

Hour 1: Gregg, Big Drew, and Jim talk about the Twitter feud between Jim Harbaugh and Jim Rome and discuss how long it will take Harbaugh to get the Wolverines back to supreme relevancy.

Hour 2: Gregg, Big Drew, and Jim talk Tigers and their latest downward spiral that’s also been ragged with numerous injuries. Also, should the Olympics be considered one of the “Big Four” American sports?

Hour 3: Gregg, Big Drew, and Jim discuss the Olympics possibly jumping the NBA as one of the “Big Four” American Sports. Also, the guys dive into more Jim Harbaugh talk and his latest beef with Jim Rome.


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