Is Harbaugh Using Michigan?

This is the latest narrative shift for the NFL and National Media.  They now know they didn’t know what they thought they knew over the last three weeks as most claimed the was “NO WAY” that Jim Harbaugh was leaving the NFL and returning to college.  These guys are aghast that Harbaugh is even considering Michigan’s 6 year $48 million dollar offer to be the next Head Coach at The University of Michigan.  They just can’t get it through their thick NFL skulls that Jim Harbaugh doesn’t see the NFL as the be all, end all.

Jim Harbaugh is a complex, fiery guy who as we all know will not be influenced by people, he will do what he wants to do when he wants to do it.

I talked to a couple of sources tonight and they all confirmed that Jim wasn’t using Michigan as “leverage...

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The Lazy Mainstream Media On Harbaugh

Being in the media for so long, I guess I never noticed just how lazy the mainstream media can be with it’s reporting.  Take it from me, I am in the media and now I fully understand how difficult it can be for the average reader to follow what is real reporting, what is phony, what is lazy and what is a fabrication.

Look at a couple examples from the Michigan coaching search this week.  Last night WDIV in Detroit mocked me and Jeff Moss at  Check out the video here. Channel 4.  The only problem with that video is they completely made up the facts about me.  They claimed I called the Harbaugh deal “a done deal...

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Column: Dear Jim, Just Go To Michigan

Here is a guy who “gets it.”  Finally a guy named Sharp who understands that Jim Harbaugh returning to college wouldn’t be a step back, this guy lays it out and he couldn’t be more right.

The greatest college coaches aren’t criticized for their year-round paranoia and micromanaging, they’re deified for them. This GQ profile of Nick Saban is every bit as psychotic as the Wickersham profile — they are essentially the same article — except the Saban piece comes with without any questions about his job security. The same goes for this Wright Thompson profile of Urban Meyer.

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