Jim Harbaugh Appears In A Rap Video, it’s Total Nonsense!

I’m constantly amazed by sports fans.  It seems like just when you think their tolerance for cheesy slogans has hit its peak there is another one that fans are ready, willing and able to parrot.  First it was the absolute overuse and bastardization out of Bo’s “those who stay will be champions,” quote then it was Harbaugh’s “attack the day with enthusiasm unknown to mankind,” now it’s Jack Harbaugh’s “whose got it better than us.”

Look, I understand that some people get a little overzealous with their college football fandom and the passion is what makes college football great, but I just can’t get on board with grown men spewing contrived mantras that are meant for an 18-20 year old kids...

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Michigan’s Schedule Imbalance

I heard a Detroit radio loudmouth trashing Michigan football last week for attempting to balance its schedule in the years ahead, of course the idiot completely missed the point when he claimed Michigan was “soft” for attempting to balance its schedule.  He yammered on an on about Michigan State going on the road and beating Michigan and Ohio State last year, blah, blah, blah.  What this toolbox fails to mention and likely isn’t even aware of is….the re-balancing of the schedule is for ticket sales, NOT the football team.

I highly doubt Harbaugh and company are afraid to go on the road to play sparty or Ohio State, Michigan simply wants to balance the schedule to sell tickets...

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AUDIO: My Appearance With Art Regner Friday AM On WDFN

I’m guessing Sparty won’t like this…LOL.  Bummer…


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